New York born, Chicago based, Chris Jon Conti is a freelance editor dedicated to creating enjoyable and impactful content. 

With over 9 years of experience working on short films, commercials, promotional material, music videos, and online content, Chris has developed a well rounded taste, which he brings to any project he is attached to.

He's worked steadily for companies such as SinoVision English Channel and VICE Media, but he’s always looking for new opportunities to collaborate and make something special. He continues to lend his talent and support to various projects, big and small, because at the end of the day he understands and enjoys the art of storytelling.


currently working on...

Chris Jon Conti is consistently taking strides to create original content, collaborate with others, and bring his artistic visions to life in fresh and innovative ways.

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previous work includes... 

With experience spanning 9 years and counting, Chris Jon Conti has a number of projects on his belt to share and give a glimpse into his creative talent.

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